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Learning by doing

Our international programs find ground in the original training format developed by Machteld Huber, which we still work with today. Machteld developed this program in close collaboration with certified Positive Health trainers.

The core of this program is learning by doing. We use powerful methods and create room for reflection on your actions. In this program you will start working with the Positive Health concept from the very beginning in the first session.

There is not one blueprint for working with Positive Health. It’s about a different way of thinking, a different way of holding the conversation and supporting your clients or patients. You get to develop these skills using real life examples from your own professional environment. The training modules consist of a smart mix of theory and practice, of self-reflection and peer-to-peer coaching. It’s a constant dance of being in dialogue with yourself and others.

PHi academy

A vision on health

The way health and disease are thought about has changed significantly, in recent years. For a long time, health was primarily defined as the absence of disease. Positive Health takes a broader view. It is not about health as a static fact or a goal to be achieved, but rather about the resilience of people to adapt to whatever life throws at them. This more dynamic approach does more justice to people and to what they care about.

This broad interpretation of health is elaborated in six dimensions, which have emerged from research into what people themselves perceive health to be. They appear to not only consider physical health important, but also, for example, sense of purpose, participation and quality of life. The spider web describes the six dimensions and associated aspects. With the spider web, people can outline their own health. It is also an instrument that can be used as a prelude to a conversation about health and well-being.

Empower people

I believe in the significance of truly seeing and understanding each person's unique journey. With Positive Health international we want to recognize and empower people to live a purposeful and meaningful life.

Positive Health international wants to enable the movement worldwide by implementing positive health on individual, professional, community and systemic level.